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In accordance with the intended cooperation of AB S.A. and the Company, within which the parties may enter into contracts of sale of goods offered by AB S.A., the Company provides to AB S.A. following information and Company agrees on the conditions stated below:
Please provide the full name of the company including the names of the owners (if applicable). The name should not contain quotes or quotations.
The Company declares that the indicated e-mail address is the address to which correspondence related to the cooperation of the parties should be addressed by AB S.A.
Electronic invoice means an invoice containing the information required by Directive 2006/112/EC of the COUNCIL of November 28, 2006 on the common system of value added tax, issued and received in any electronic format. The use of electronic invoices requires the acceptance of the invoice recipient.
I accept issuing and sending (icl making available) Electronic Invoices sent by AB more..
I declare that I accept the regulations on the use of electronic invoices at AB S.A., established by AB S.A. and available at: Regulations on the use of electronic invoices at AB Spółka Akcyjna.
Information (e.g. CEO, owner, member of the management board)
If only one person is entered in the "Persons authorised to represent the Company", select "independent". If more than one person is entered in the "Persons authorised to represent the Company":
- select "independent" if each of these persons may represent the Company alone (e.g. each member of the management board may represent the Company alone).
- select "collective" if the cooperation of at least two persons is required to represent the Company (e.g. the Company is represented by two management board members jointly or by a single management board member together with a proxy).
- select "other" if the way of representation is different than that described above.

Enter all persons authorized to represent the Company.
Please enter your mobile phone number, we send a text message with a code to confirm your identity when placing an order.


The questionnaire, Letter of attorney and ABonline access questionnaire may be signed with a handwritten legible signature including the full name and surname of the person authorized to represent the company or with an electronic signature (electronic signature verifiable using a valid qualified certificate is not required).

If the attachments to the questionnaire are provided in language other than English, AB may accept them provided that they are provided in a form that allows for copying and translation of the text through publicly accessible websites. If copying and translation of the text is not possible, the Company should provide the attachments to the questionnaire to AB with a translation into Polish or English language.
  • The Company declare that, to the best of their knowledge and belief, the information given in this questionnaire and copies of documents required by this questionnaire are true, correct, and complete.
  • All statements of intent contained in this questionnaire shall be binding on the Company and the Company agrees that the persons making statements of intent in the form of the questionnaire on its behalf are authorized to make such statements on its behalf unless it is proven that such declaration has been made by an identified unauthorised person known by name who bears responsibility for acting as alleged representative.
  • Subject to contrary contractual provisions, the Company may submit instructions only in documentary form, with signatures of authorised persons, in accordance with the information indicated in the questionnaire and the representation manner specified therein.
  • If the Company will not pay the invoice in accordance with the payment term determined by the AB on the invoice, AB will be entitled to statutory interests for late payments and compensation for the recovery costs. The statutory interests and compensation for the recovery costs shall be determined in accordance with the Polish law
  • Company and AB agree that any dispute arising from the sales contracts concluded between the Company and AB is submitted to the jurisdiction of the court competent for the AB's registered seat (in Poland).
  • The sales contracts, which will be concluded between Company and AB are subject to Polish law. The United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods shall not apply to the sales contracts concluded between the Company and AB.
  • Products distributed by AB may be subject to export restrictions. The Company shall comply with applicable export control restriction laws and sanctions applicable to goods purchased by the Company from AB, including US economic sanctions and export laws and regulations. In particular, the Company declares that, in connection with its commercial cooperation with AB, it will not enter into contracts or otherwise do business with any third party or in any sanctioned country or territory (including but not limited to North Korea, Iran and other countries or restricted territories) that are the subject or target of any financial and economic sanctions or trade embargoes imposed by the government of Poland, the EU, the US government or other national governments, including but not limited to those imposed by the US government through the Office of Foreign Assets Control ( "OFAC") of the U.S. Department of the Treasury, Bureau of Industry and Security ("BIS") of the U.S. Department of Commerce or the U.S. Department of State, United Nations, European Union or United Kingdom Security Council (collectively "Sanctions") without first obtaining the required license or other government authorization or in any way that would result in breach of the sanctions by the Company, AB or manufacturer of products purchased by the Company from AB. The Company shall immediately inform AB if the Company, a member of the Company’s governing body, an employee or a subsidiary of the Company, as well as the Company’s shareholder is subject to Sanctions. Products supplied to the Company by AB may not be used for any of the following activities: (i) military end use, including any activities related to: (A) weapons of mass destruction related activities; (B) nuclear chemical or biological weapons, (B) missile production; (ii) terrorist activities, as well as other activities specified by applicable laws or sanctions.
  • In order for AB S.A. to provide evidence of compliance with the conditions for eligibility for the preferential value-added tax rate for intra-Community supply of goods, the Company undertakes, upon any request by AB S.A., to confirm receipt of goods purchased from AB S.A. and provide documents confirming receipt of goods from the logistics center, external warehouse, HUB (if applicable). more..
  • In the event of a change in the persons authorized to represent the Company, the owners of the undertakings or their representatives and, in the case of legal persons, the persons authorised to represent them by law or by their instrument of incorporation, shall undertake to immediately inform the AB and supply the information requested

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